At Mylako Chartered Surveyors, we provide a wide variety of landlord and tenant services for the residential and commercial sectors, acting on behalf of investors, landlords and tenants.

Our services include:

There are several reasons why someone may need a Red Book Valuation:
Rent Review & Renewals:
We offer independent advice and utilise expert analysis and market insights to ensure fair and competitive rental rates, while maintaining a strong landlord-tenant relationship without the need to resort to litigation.
Lease Extension & Enfranchisement:
We provide comprehensive guidance and expertise, empowering you to navigate the complexities of lease negotiations and secure favourable terms, protecting your long-term interests and property value.
Lease Surrender & Re-grants:
Our expert advice ensures tenants and landlords are informed throughout the process of surrendering a lease, and in some instances, enter into a fresh agreement that aligns with their current needs and circumstances.
Licence to Alter:
We empower property owners and tenants to make desired modifications and improvements to their premises by providing expert guidance, ensuring compliance with regulations, and facilitating a seamless process from start to finish.
We assist both landlords and tenants, offering strategic solutions to effectively navigate and resolve dilapidation issues, protecting your property investment and minimising disputes.
Schedule of Condition Reports:
Our reports offer meticulous documentation and thorough assessments, providing a detailed record of the property's condition at a specific point in time, serving as a vital tool for both landlords and tenants to manage their responsibilities and protect their interests.
Expert Witness Reports:
We have specialist knowledge and experience to act as an expert witness during a dispute, whether we are appointed by one party or both as a Single Joint Expert in adjudication, mediation and litigation proceedings.

Mylako can support you

Whether you’re buying or selling, extending your lease, calculating your tax liabilities, or looking for a dedicated Property Manager
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